Weather slows planting process | New


Many farmers are waiting for planting after heavy rains hit the area over the past few days, making field work difficult in many parts of Ashtabula County, said extension officer Andrew Holden. of Ashtabula County.

“I know parts of the county got an inch of rain,” Holden said.

Pair rain with cool temperatures and farmers are hoping for dry weather soon.

Holden said it will likely be a week before farmers can return to fields in some areas of the county. He said less than 50 percent of the soybeans have been planted.

Holden said corn was planted, but drier weather was needed to complete the planting season.

Winemakers had a scary weekend, but the weather didn’t bring potential hail that could have become a major problem, according to Donniella Winchell, executive director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association.

“Everything is looking good,” she said. “There were concerns over the weekend about hail but that stopped at Mentor. This lake effect protects us. There’s a reason we grow grapes in northeast Ohio.

Holden said the planting season is likely about normal for Ashtabula County, as it’s often late May or well into June when crops are planted. But things are definitely different from last year.

“Last year was an extremely early spring [planting]but this year was more normal,” he said.

Holden said farmers typically make their decisions about what to plant in the fall or winter of the previous year. He said the war in Ukraine came too late to affect most farmers’ decisions in the region about what to plant.


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