Watch This Amazing Succulent Plant Propagation Process


It’s honestly pretty simple to learn how to propagate succulents, and we love it as a way to reduce the cost of buying new plants. You can take cuttings, leaves or offsets from succulents you already have rather than buying more from the nursery. It also helps if there is a succulent you particularly like and want to have more of, or even a gift to others!

So even if you don’t have a green thumb, propagating succulents is a great way to enjoy a little gardening. Let’s take a look at how one gardener started propagating his own succulents using someone else’s base!


So HeartofaPlanter really lives up to his name, at least as far as his TikTok channel is concerned! Everything on their page has to do with growing, growing and planting flowers and plants, and anything else you could think of!

Today they’re covering succulents and how they were able to take the head of one succulent and propagate it on the base of another to help jump-start its growth. They start by taking the budding head of the first succulent and making sure the bottom has been cut open before v-slicing it (this is important, so remember that for later!)

They then take the base of another succulent, probably one that had survived its growth, and cut it almost to the root, leaving only a bit of the green part left. Again, important because you want to make sure two living things are touching as this will encourage growth. Then a deep cut runs through the middle of the base, providing space for the bottom of the bud.

Tuck the v from the top bud into the bottom where you made space, then wrap everything in tape to make sure everything stays together. You want to give the propagation something to grow roots without toppling over from a stray wind or something brushing the plant.

And that’s all! Grow your new succulent and you’ll have a beautiful new plant in no time without worrying that your new succulent will have to grow roots first, then grow tall and out!


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