Voter Security: Ohio Secretary of State Seeks to Update Voter Registration Process



COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) —Secretary of State Frank LaRose is taking action to improve voter accuracy and election security.

According to a statement, Secretary LaRose made a proposal to modernize and automate the voting system. Until that proposal is updated, LaRose says Ohio must still take the necessary steps mandated by current law to remove abandoned records and make the system more secure.

On September 1, Secretary LaRose ordered the 88 Ohio County Election Boards to begin a four-year process to identify all registrations that have been inactive for at least two years and those registrations that appear in the National Database of address change.

According to the statement, any registration that has been inactive for more than two years will receive a confirmation notice stating that election activity must take place at some point in the next four years in order to remain active.

Voter initiated activity includes one of the following:

  • Vote in any election in the next four years
  • Submit a request for a postal vote
  • Register to vote, online or in person
  • Updating or confirming an address with an electoral office (including return of the confirmation notice)
  • Update or confirm an address with the BMV
  • Sign a candidate or issue a petition verified by an electoral council

The statement said that registrations that do not engage in such electoral activity risk being canceled from 2026.

“Ohio set voter turnout records because Ohioans know our elections are both convenient and secure. This success requires an electoral system with integrity, ”said LaRose. “Abandoned registrations clog this system, making it more difficult for election officials to do their jobs and endangering the security of our elections. “

LaRose continues, “While we have made great strides in implementing the process required by Ohio law, we can do much better if we modernize our voter registration and maintenance procedures. There is legislation already presented to the General Assembly that allows this to happen, and I hope we can make this vital modernization a reality.



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