Virgin River season 4 is in post-production and could be released in early 2022


Filming for Season 4 of Virgin River on Netflix is ​​nearing completion. Recently, Alexandra Breckenridge, known for playing Mel Monroe in the romantic drama, announced that she has finished performing her scene for the drama’s fourth season.

Alexandra Breckenridge revealed the news on her Instagram page through a short video. The captions read, “It’s over!!!! Virgin River Season 4 is over for me…For those [who] I don’t know, ‘WF’ stands for Work Finish,” followed by a smiley face. She added: “Camera skills in the car need to be improved.

Right after that, Virgin River Season 4 lead actor Martin Henderson (plays Jack Sheridan) also posted on his social media page that the series was in post-production.

“Doing some post-production work on #VirginRiver Season 4. Making sure everything runs smoothly and the best fans EVER are happy! Have a nice weekend everyone wherever you are,” said the actor.

If we look back, the first two seasons of Virgin River were released just seven months apart, but there was a short gap between Virgin River Season 2 and Season 3. Therefore, we assume that the season 4 from Virgin River will be released in early 2022.

Fans are pretty sure that Virgin River season 4 will continue from the end of the third season as the show has left fans wondering about the fates of several characters and their relationships.

Ahead of the fourth season renewal, executive producer Sue Tenney told TV Insider that she would reveal the name of the father of Mel’s baby. She said: “If we have a season 4, it will be revealed at the end of [it] and it’s a catchy story in [it].”

She added, “I will say that if we go into a season 4, audiences will be really surprised who is behind all of this.”

Martin Henderson explains to TV Insider, “In no time, she’s going and [uses the embryos she had with] her deceased ex-husband. It’s more of a quick reaction to Jack’s rejection. Jack would have thought maybe they could talk about it or maybe she’d give it a couple weeks before she decided to.”

Sue Tenney also promises that Jack and Mel will get married in season 4 of Virgin River. She said, “Finally, they’re going to get married.”

The makers of Virgin River Season 4 and Netflix have yet to announce the exact release date. We will let you know as soon as we have information from the manufacturers.

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