Verde AgriTech presents plans for the construction of a third production plant


Verde AgriTech has started the necessary studies for the authorization and construction of its third production plant (Plant 3).

Plant 3 is expected to have a production capacity of up to 10 million tpy of potash multinutrient products from Verde, BAKS® and K Forte® sold internationally as Super Greensand®bringing the company’s overall production capacity to 13 million tpa, which represents 16.41% of the current Brazilian potash market in K2O.

Engineering studies for plant 3 have started and should be completed in 2H22. Construction of Plant 3 is scheduled for 2H23, with start-up of operations scheduled for 2H24.

Alongside the product, Plant 3 will deploy proprietary technologies developed by Verde: Cambridge Tech, 3D Alliance, MicroS Technology and N Keeper. Cambridge Tech was developed in partnership with the University of Cambridge, through mechanical activation it changes the structure of glauconite siltstone, ensuring that potassium and other nutrients are gradually made available to plants. 3D Alliance technology transforms the three-dimensional structure of feedstocks added to a fertilizer, creating a seamless combination of nutrients that are more evenly distributed throughout the soil. MicroS technology is a process of micronizing elemental sulfur that results in a larger surface area that makes it easier for soil microorganisms to work and increases nutrient availability to plants. N Keeper modifies the physico-chemical properties of glauconite siltstone to allow for the retention of ammonia for use as a graded additive in nitrogen fertilizers. Verde currently has one patent granted and eight patents pending.

The current production capacity of Verde Plant 1 is 600,000 tpa. Plant 2 is on track to start production in 3Q22 initially with a production capacity of 1.2 million tpy. Final Plant 2 capacity of 24 million tpa is expected to be reached early in 4Q22. Therefore, by 4Q22, with the expansion of Plant 2, the overall production capacity is expected to be 3 million tpa, making Verde the largest potash producer in Brazil.

The company continues to work on its new pre-feasibility study, which analyzes a scenario of total annual production of 50 million tons of product from Verde, or 63% of Brazil’s total potash consumption in 2021.

“In an effort to meet the growing potash needs of our customers, Verde is taking another step towards an ever greater presence in the market. We are confident that state and federal governments understand the invaluable work our team has done in food safety and environmental compliance, and they will work to ensure timely approval of the few permits that are still under review,” commented Verde Founder, President and CEO Cristiano Veloso.

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