UOP President Chris Callahan / Sexual Assault Investigation Process / Return Anxiety Management


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Months after being named president of the University of the Pacific, Chris Callahan found himself running the school during the pandemic; we discuss his hopes for returning to school in the fall and how he thinks COVID-19 has changed higher education. Additionally, after a sexual assault, victims who choose to report the crime struggle to seek justice, and why some people choose to keep their masks on even after being vaccinated.

Today’s guests

  • President of the University of the Pacific Chris Callahan discusses the challenges students faced during the pandemic, how he is preparing for the return of students this fall, and his vision for the future of higher education
  • Family Violence Response Team with WEAVE at Elk Grove Police Department Jessica garcia and General Manager of My Sister’s House Nilda valmores on the investigation process for sexual assault and what justice means for law enforcement versus what it means for survivors
  • Citrus Heights Police Department Chief of Police Ronald laurent breaks down efforts to provide support to survivors during the investigation process
  • Clinical Neuropsychologist at UC Davis Health Angela Drake explains anxiety over ‘COVID-19 re-entry’ and why many people are not ready to get life back to normal


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