Twisted Metal TV show has wrapped filming and is moving into post-production


The TV adaptation of twisted metal apparently finished filming and moved into post-production.

As spotted by VGC, Twisted Metal showrunner Michael Johnathon posted a tweet over the weekend noting that the show’s first season had wrapped filming. The show was greenlit in 2021 and also has writers from the Deadpool movies attached.

“The cast and crew of Twisted Metal were something special,” Johnathon wrote in a Tweeter. “Even with lightning delays, extreme heat, and cars that wouldn’t do what they were told, everyone worked as hard as they could to make sure Twisted Metal delivered the most punches possible.

“The last day of filming felt like the last day of camp, with lots of laughs, a few tears and ice cream being handed out in the back of Sweet Tooth’s truck. We can’t wait for you to see this insane thing we spent our summer shoot. Now to post!”

So far, the show has been described as a “high-octane action comedy” and stars future Captain America Anthony Mackie as John Doe, a character who first appeared in 2001. Twisted Metal Black. Those not as familiar with the series will more likely recognize the series poster character Sweet Tooth, who in this iteration will be played by Will Arnett, who voiced Batman in The Lego Movie, and was one of main Arrested Development actors.

It’s not the only Twisted Metal project in development, as a report emerged last year that the game series was being rebooted at lucid gamesbest known for All-Star Destructionalthough later reports suggested that Sony moved development to one of its first-party studios in Europe.

Other than the show, things have been quiet on the gaming side for Twisted Metal. But PlayStation has a lot in development on the TV side, with a Horizon Zero Dawn show at Netflix in the works, and a God of the war show confirmed for Amazon Prime.


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