Transpose raises $3 million to revolutionize Web3 data infrastructure


By giving developers simplified access to high-level blockchain data, Transpose enables significantly faster and more powerful web3 development. Prior to Transpose, translating low-level blockchain data into a usable, human-readable format was an incredibly slow process. A developer needed to analyze, trace, and clean raw blockchain data one transaction at a time, record a complete history of all blockchain transactions, and store that data at scale for repeated use. .

Transpose solves these problems by providing large-scale, human-readable blockchain data tailored to users’ Web3 data needs. To spearhead this effort, the company will iteratively launch its Open Alpha over the coming weeks. The Open Alpha will be free and will include the following suite of offerings:

  1. Block API: Query accounts, blocks, transactions, internal transactions and logs in bulk.
  2. NFT APIs: Retrieve any collection, NFT, proprietary, transfer, and sale, backed by a world-class metadata and image CDN.
  3. Token API: Search for any fungible token, transfer, balance, price and exchange, including any ETH transfer or account balance.
  4. Wallet API: Retrieve wallet tokens, NFTs, transfers, sales, exchanges, exchanges, loans, DAO contributions, games, etc., all in human-readable JSON format.

Registrations for the Open Alpha are currently available on the website. Transpose is also actively developing a team of world-class engineers and can be contacted at [email protected] for job applications.

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About transposition

Transpose is on a mission to simplify the web3 data landscape. Founded by Alex Langshur and Michael Calvey, Transpose is developing an API suite that provides enterprise-grade access to high-level, human-readable data on the web3 stack. Investors include MaC Venture Capital, HOF Capital, Soma Capital, Pareto Holdings and many angels. Formerly known as NFTY CTY, Transpose is based in New York City. More information is available at

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