Togliattiazot commissions a new urea production unit


PJSC TOAZ (Togliattiazot) has started hiring workers for its urea production unit No.3. The construction of the production unit itself is approaching its final phase: the availability of the unit has reached 65.7%.

Sourcing started before the end of the work and more than 20 employees have already been hired. They occupy specially created additional full-time positions. For a while, the new staff will undergo training in the first and second urea production units, after which they will be transferred to the new facility. The launch of the new facility will create 58 high-paying jobs in Togliatti.

At the beginning of September, the third urea production unit was connected to the plant’s heating network. Now, steel structures and pipes on racks are installed on the site. In addition, a boiler room will be built on the unit in the near future, the current efforts of manufacturers are therefore focused on this area. In particular, equipment is being installed and connected to the pipes of the boiler room. At the substation, pipes and cables are also being laid, while fans are installed on the water circulation system of the water recycling area of ​​the cooling tower.

An important feature of the construction of the new unit is that it is erected on the existing production site and the implementation of the project requires the reconfiguration of all systems in the plant. In particular, taking into account the needs of future production capacities, the urea warehouse has been modernized and a new conveyor line is under construction – it will extend from the prilling tower of the new unit to the urea warehouse, then from the warehouse to the railway product loading station. At present, the foundations for the new transmission system are ready and the builders are erecting steel structures and intermediate assembly of the transmission lines. In addition, the new unit project provides for the shipment of urea bypassing the warehouse – directly to the mineral hoppers. Previously, Togliattiazot increased its rolling stock to over 1,800 units by purchasing modern hoppers with increased payload capacity from the United Railcar Company.

Togliattiazot started construction of the No. 3 urea production unit in October 2018 at the Togliatti production site. The unit’s nominal capacity will be 2200 t / year of urea, which will increase the plant’s existing urea production capacity by more than 70%.

The design was developed in partnership with Casale SA. The unit’s emission purification rate will reach 93%. The processing line is designed in such a way that the volume of carbon dioxide emissions from TOAZ (which is the production waste of several ammonia units) into the atmosphere will be significantly reduced after the commissioning of the new unit. . The effluents generated by the Unit will undergo eight treatment stages, while certain types of waste will be entrusted to specialized organizations for elimination, neutralization or burial.

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