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We have been conditioned to believe that Diwali is never complete without the sound and light of the patakhas in all their forms and patterns. Since we now know how harmful firecrackers are to the environment, this year give them a green twist. Make way for seed crackers made exclusively by women from the Gram Art Project (GAP), a collective that brings together farmers, painters and social workers from the village of Paradsinga in the district of Chhindwara, on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. .

After the Rakhi seed becomes a huge hit, environmentalists are finding unique ways to incorporate seeds into whatever is possible. Seed crackers were introduced two years ago, but they have gained momentum this Diwali. Exact replicas of some of our favorite firecrackers have been made from recyclable materials that the seed ball has been incorporated into.

Diwali celebration

The manufacturing process is simple – crackers need to be soaked in water for a few hours, after which they can be planted on wet mud in your garden. Position the seeds germination according to the plant, you will be able to see them growing into beautiful plants. The women of the collective make these handmade crackers using environmentally friendly and non-toxic colors.

Diwali celebration

“Today we see the exploitation that has marginalized the communities and our actions have caused the environment to suffer due to the use of crackers, fireworks, excessive consumption of sugar, dairy products. and oil-based, extremely sophisticated speakers and decorations and gifts. from highly toxic and non-degradable materials, “says Shweta Bhattad, founding member and president of the Gram Art Project.” BeejParva is a series of environmentally friendly, non-exploitative and meaningful alternatives to current means of celebrations that exploit socially and ecologically without conscious thought, ”says Bhattad, who believes that when we lose the context of celebrations and things start to seem ritualistic, it leads to more harm than good.

Diwali celebration

As part of their BeejParva movement, Gram Art Project has released seed crackers which are very similar to existing firecracker models. The growth of the plant is synonymous with firecracker and chosen wisely. Phoenix chakkar (made from onion seeds), golden shower (amaranthus seeds), laxmi bomb (bauhinia racemosa seeds), hemp bomb (roselle seeds), cucumber arugula (cucumber and sorrel seeds green) and coriander tikli (coriander seeds) are some of the seed cracker varieties available for purchase.

Diwali celebration

It doesn’t stop there, as the team has also developed seed candies which are seed balls made from recycled paper, which have the ability to become consumables after being fed and certainly contain the sweet taste of honest work.

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