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Billed as “the gold standard for audio professionals,” Nuendo 11 is equipped with the latest post-production audio tools for film and TV, games, music and more.

Nuendo is one of the most advanced audio post-production solutions available, offering one-stop-shop workflows for efficient turnaround times in a rapidly changing industry. They have become a top choice for professionals in the film, TV, game audio and immersive sound industry worldwide and continue their innovation with Steinberg’s latest update.

With an array of new and improved features, Nuendo 11 meets modern immersive trends in entertainment content. Nuendo 11’s core functionality allows sound engineers to easily create content to Dolby Atmos specifications, eliminating the need for external software or hardware.

The new ADM Authoring module and built-in Renderer for Dolby Atmos have been developed in close collaboration with Dolby to bring cutting-edge technology within reach of every content producer.

Mixing dialogue audio levels can be a meticulous and time-consuming process. Nuendo 11 includes a new meter for objective real-time speech intelligibility measurement. Gone are the days of long, mind-boggling nights in the studio, this tool calculates the perceived listener effort required to understand the spoken word in a mix using an AI-powered algorithm that analyzes the audio signal.

Streaming services are on the rise and it feels like a new platform is being announced every month. After a disastrous year for the box office, many studio movies are moving to home streaming, which will certainly signal a shift to more on-demand content.

Nuendo 11 includes a Netflix Loudness Meter that keeps audio levels consistent between programs. This meter is calibrated to official sound mixing specs and Netflix best practices so you know your final mix will be ready for streaming.

Nuendo 11 also includes a new collection of sound effects curated by leading SFX provider SoundBits. For in-game audio, you’ll have access to over 750 premium sound effects, including sound effects, ambiences, impacts, vehicles, and weapons. There are also 200 plug-in and track presets to help you quickly create a wide range of real-life and sci-fi environments with SFX from everyday devices like phones, radio, TV, Skype voice and more.

This is just a taste of what the Nuendo 11 has to offer. Find out more on Steinberg’s website. Watch the launch video below.

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