The process begins to turn the hills green Ganjam


Berhampur: The process was started for green roofing of the hills in Ganjam this year by the Aryabhatta Foundation through community participation on World Environment Day (June 5). Residents of neighboring villages participated in the mission. Aryabhatta Foundation headed by ‘mad green man’ of Odisha Sudhir Rout who is the chairman of the organization. He started a plantation on the hill of Karakhola near Khallikote Ghati and sowed seeds on the same hill.

Sudhir has already spent Rs 32 lakh out of pocket to grow greenery by planting two lakh saplings by the roadside in Ganjam district in the past 15 years, since 2007.

Last year, the foundation completed a plantation on 10 bald hills in Ganjam. Sarandi Hills, 18 km from Berhampur, which is the easternmost end of the Kerandimala range of hills in an area of ​​about 200 acres turned green.

The foundation planted two lakhs of seeds by seedling and another two lakhs by seed balls on the hills last year. Plant varieties include native plants like bamboo, banyan, peepal, and neem to help the livelihoods of locals and protect the ecology. Bamboo grows faster and the bamboo shoot is in great demand as a food that would help the locals.

The foundation planted two lakh seed balls on the Baniamari hills on the Chikiti-Tamana road last year. About 50% of the seed balls were tamarind, which would make life easier for locals who mainly depend on the tamarind trade for their livelihood.

The foundation started the process of greening the hills by planting banyan trees this year. Sudhir says that “when we sensitized the local villagers about the plantation, they understood and helped us wholeheartedly.

After the planting campaign for the conservation and protection of water against pollution, the abjuration of the use of polyethylene and single-use plastic and the growth of trees. The foundation conducted a padyatra in Balugaon, Khordha and Bhubaneswar, led the seed ball preparation workshop organized by Mahanadi Banchao Andolan. He also joined the World Environment Day celebration by the Odisha Environment Society. Bhubaneswar.


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