The park rental process is now much simpler


With warmer weather on the way, our family is looking forward to enjoying all that Winnipeg summers have to offer, and I hope your family will too.

Many of you use the city’s parks to organize family and community events. Over the past few years, I know there have been challenges with reserving park spaces and improvements to simplify this process were needed. In response to this, I presented a motion, co-sponsored by the Coun. Jeff Browaty (North Kildonan), to review the park booking process to make it more user-friendly and efficient. I am now pleased to announce that the electronic park rental form was launched earlier this spring, alongside a revitalized web portal on parks at

Rental of facilities for events in city parks can now be done online at


Rental of facilities for events in city parks can now be done online at

“This new form really makes the rental process easier, more efficient and more intuitive for Winnipeggers,” said Dave Domke, manager of parks and green spaces for the city.

The new form allows potential renters to select their party size, preferred site and preferred date, enter additional information, such as equipment and insurance requirements, and then submit the form online for approval and follow-up.

Prior to electronic form, booking a site relied entirely on phone, email, mail and in-person processes. Reservation requests were submitted through 311 or directly by residents using paper forms and were processed manually, which sometimes took several business days.

The new form speeds up this process and gives users the freedom to explore multiple sites before making their request. As we head into a busy summer season, we are excited to offer Winnipeggers an easier way to plan their days in the park.

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On Saturday, June 4, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Kildonan Park, Trees Winnipeg is hosting Arbor Day celebrations, a combined event in partnership with its annual ReLeaf event. ReLeaf aims to provide low-cost tree packages to Winnipeggers to expand and expand our urban canopy. Arbor Day is a free family event that celebrates the importance of trees in our communities and the arborists who care for them. Some of the planned activities include tree climbing, crafts, zip lining, bucket truck rides and tree planting.

I hope summer is a wonderful time of rejuvenation for each of you as you enjoy outdoor sports, engage in warmer activities, and connect safely with your family and loved ones. friends. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, you can reach me by email at or by phone at 204-986-5264.

Devi Sharma


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