The Batman Director Celebrates the End of Post-Production With Theatrical Photos


It looks like The Batman is ready for IMAX and Dolby theaters as director Matt Reeves shares photos from his quality control theater sessions.

The Batman Director, writer and producer Matt Reeves has revealed how close the film is to completion.

Reeves shared two photos on Twitter, revealing that he had just completed his quality control process for The Batman, which he viewed on IMAX and Dolby screens. “It looked and sounded so amazing. What a beautiful, immersive format,” Reeves said of the IMAX setup. In a separate tweet, Reeves shared an image from inside a Dolby theater, saying, “Thank you, [Dolby], for blowing my mind! I can’t wait for people to see [The Batman] in [Dolby Cinema]!”

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QC, or quality control, is an important part of post-production. It checks the visual and audio of a film to ensure that elements such as visual effects, color grading, and mixing are all in place without error and suitable for the format in which the film will be released. IMAX and Dolby are two high-quality cinematic experiences that use different screens and aspect ratios, thus ensuring The Batman plays perfectly on both is an important step.

The Batman is due out March 4 and has a confirmed runtime of two hours and 55 minutes, or 175 minutes. This makes it the longest running Batman movie of all time. Previously, this record was held by Christopher Nolan The black Knight, lasting 165 minutes.

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With the film’s release fast approaching, Reeves shared the theme song to The Batman, written by Michael Giacchino. Reeves said the theme was actually written “before I even shot a picture of [The Batman]and recalls listening to it with producer Dylan Clark before performing a stage test with Robert Pattinson, eventual Bruce Wayne/Batman choice. “We both got chills,” Reeves said.

Regarding the filming of the film, the process was delayed by a production stoppage due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Recently, Pattinson recalled some of the “strange” steps and precautions taken after production resumed. “We had headphones on to have direction most of the time to kind of limit the number of interactions,” he said. “The weirdest thing is that a lot of the scenes didn’t have anyone behind the camera, because we were trying – if it was already a setup, they would control it remotely. Weird. Especially when you’re on a big set – just nobody at all around. It took a lot of getting used to.”

The Batman is set to hit theaters on March 4.

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