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With a working width of 57.5 ‘and a working speed of up to 10 mph, the 23-row Model 2510H applies anhydrous fertilizer to large areas. The foldable five-section frame allows the implement to follow the contours of the field, while the hydraulic down pressure system helps optimize 23 openers to maintain proper operating depth. For pre-plant fertilizer applications, the Model 2510H moves quickly in and out of fields, allowing for no-disturbance application while maintaining seedbed integrity.

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John Deere Introduces New 23-ROW 2510H Nutrient Applicator

John Deere’s New 23-Row 2510H Nutrient Applicator

LENEXA, Kansas – Applying anhydrous fertilizer to large fields just got faster and easier with the introduction of John Deere’s new 23-row 2510H Fertilizer Applicator. A larger unit than the high speed fertilizer applicator John Deere introduced in 2008, the 23 row implement is compact for easier transport, provides good clearance around wheels and frame for unhindered operation and low soil disturbance.

Steve Drissel, John Deere Plant Product Marketing Manager, says the 2510H gives commercial fertilizer growers and applicators the versatility to apply anhydrous with unmatched productivity and performance. “With a working width of 57.5 feet and a working speed of up to 10 mph, the 23-row 2510H covers more ground in less time, which is essential when the time window is narrow. to get fertilizer in the fields. ” he says.

The 23 row applicator uses a 5 section folding frame that allows the tool to follow the contours of the field. The hydraulic down pressure system optimizes the 23 openers to maintain proper operating depth, even over rough terrain.

A major advantage of the 2510H Nutrient Applicator is that it offers three-season use capability. “In the fall, it applies anhydrous to stubborn corn residue with openers that cut the stems and allow a smooth crop flow through the machine. In soybean stubble, low soil disturbance keeps residues intact and minimizes soil erosion during winter and subsequent springs, ”explains Drissel.

For pre-plant fertilizer applications, the 2510H moves quickly in and out of fields, providing low disturbance application while maintaining seedbed integrity and reducing the need for additional tillage passes.

“During side dressage season, the productivity of the ‘big bar’ of the 23-row 2510H machine really pays off,” says Drissel. “Due to the applicator’s low-disturbance design, it is able to apply anhydrous soon after planting and can triple the typical application window of the side trim. This allows the operator more time and flexibility in the field to complete side trim applications.

The 2510H 23 Row Nutrient Applicator is designed with a sturdy frame and excellent ground clearance. “It is the ideal machine for retailers and agricultural producers who want to improve fertilizer application, cover more hectares in less time and improve the overall profitability of their operation. When transported, the machine folds up into a 7-section unit and is only 18 feet wide and 13 feet high, ”he concludes.
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