Subcat Studios opens film post-production suite


The post-production suite for independent and student filmmakers at SubCat Studios, located at 219 S. West St. in Syracuse. SubCat opened the suite in August. PHOTO CREDIT: SUBCAT STUDIOS

SYRACUSE – SubCat Studios, located at 219 S. West St. in downtown Syracuse, announced on August 16 the opening of its new post-production suite.

The idea for this sequel originated in 2019 when the production team of the film “Odd Man Rush” needed a space for post-production in Syracuse.

Since then, film production incentives like Onondaga County’s PRIMED (short for production incentives for film and entertainment development) have encouraged filmmakers to choose downtown New York as their primary filming location. , “But still haven’t stopped most from moving their position out of town,” SubCat said.

“We kept hearing the same thing from producers. “There is no post-production studio in the area,” said Cody Slade, head of videography at SubCat. “We were ready to change that. Now local filmmakers and out-of-town production companies finally have a CNY-based post-production house they can call home. “

SubCat has made a “significant investment” in getting film productions to stay in the Syracuse area, TJ James, studio director at SubCat, told CNYBJ in an email.

The local studio hired Mixing Light LLC, a post-production consulting firm in Washington, DC, to help it select the equipment and screens for the editing room, James said.

The suite didn’t need a lot of construction, he notes. When the space was renovated after its recording studios were built, the film production room, along with others on the 2nd floor of the SubCat facility, were built as isolated rooms on floating floors for rehearsal spaces, explains James.

Realizing that this was a chance to make full movie making possible from start to finish here in Syracuse, the team at SubCat decided to create an environment for post-production and make the city “a place of entertainment in which to stay”. For months, the SubCat team toured surrounding studios and consulted with professionals to calibrate the suite’s equipment and technology to “the highest standards in the industry.” Now, SubCat Studios clients are using the new space.

About the sequel

The suite offers a set of tools and a team of audio experts to support all aspects of the post-production process, explains SubCat Studios.

Editors and colorists can work with a new Apple Mac Pro tower, with access to premium movie editing and creation software, DaVinci Resolve 17 and Adobe Suite. These programs are associated with a Blackmagic calibration card and the DaVinci speed editor.

The KRK monitor speakers and two 32 “and 55” LG monitors span the length and width of the room, allowing for a “collaborative viewing experience from all angles,” according to SubCat.

Just one floor below the post-production room is a multi-million dollar recording studio, where SubCat sound engineers can help filmmakers rework their audio sessions or track ADR (audio dialogue replacement) sessions. directly in the suite.


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