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The Sooke District announced Thursday that less than 10% of voters, 1,026 voters, opposed the plan for John Phillips Memorial Park as part of the alternative approval process. (Kevin Laird – Sooke News Mirror)

Sooke’s Lions Club Project Clarifies Alternative Approval Process

Less than 10% of voters said “no” to the park lease proposal

A project to lease part of John Phillips Memorial Park to the Sooke Lions Club to build a community center has cleared the Alternative Approval Process (AAP).

The Sooke District announced Thursday that less than 10 percent of voters opposed the AAP. The plan for John Phillips Memorial Park received a response of 9.13 percent or 1,026 votes.

The District and the Sooke Lions Club have negotiated the sale of the club property to 2008 Murray Rd. The Lions are proposing to sell the Murray Road property to the District in addition to a long-term lease on part of John Phillips Memorial Park.

The Lions club intends to build a multi-purpose community center, including a daycare center, a concession, a hall with a capacity of 300 people, parking lots, an outdoor stage and an emergency reception area.

Because John Phillips Memorial Park is a dedicated park, a lease cannot be signed without the approval of the voters. The Council decided the AAP to determine the opinion of the electorate.

The council must now decide on the next steps: to go ahead with the project, to hold a referendum or to abandon the project. The next council meeting is Monday (September 20).
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