Smart Fertilizer Software and Supplant Develop New Application Combining Irrigation and Fertilizer



GroPlant application

Supplant, the leading precision agricultural technology company, partner of Smart fertilizer software to create a sensorless precision plant nutrition platform designed for farmers around the world and in South Africa. The platform, named GroPlant, provide farmers of all abilities with access to satellite data and information designed to improve water and fertilization efficiency, while taking weather events into account.

It will provide recommendations to farmers based on collective data as well as remote sensing inputs. Smart fertilizers A one-of-a-kind fertilization algorithm has been built through data collection and machine learning, accumulated through global partnerships with farmers, laboratory testing, academic research, and sensor inputs. Smart Fertilizer‘s algorithm integrates 215 crops, 5,000 commercial fertilizers and is used in 72 countries. This has been integrated into SupplantThe irrigation database and knowledge of, based on the expertise of 31 crops grown in 14 countries representing more than 2,500 cumulative seasons.

This partnership combines 20 years of experience, hardware application and data collection between the two companies, fulfilling the need for this pioneering new platform, Groplant, which will empower millions of farmers.

The functionalities of GroPlant include field creation for crop selection, field size, planting date, irrigation methods and automatic geolocation. The software will also provide real-time weather alerts and lead farmers to apply the appropriate irrigation strategy in response to extreme weather conditions. Along with this, users will be able to use a selection of ‘preferred fertilizers’ to create a preset list for easy use along with soil specifications and nutrient status. Users will also receive periodic reports and irrigation and fertigation schedules.

It is estimated that there are 570 million farms in the world. 12% of these farms are “small” farms (less than 2 hectares) and 75% of these farms are family. 80% of the world’s farms are located in low- and middle-income countries where Africa alone is equivalent to 33 million smallholder farms. Currently, most of these small farms located in low-income countries have little access to up-to-date fertilization and irrigation data. Most farmers still use family methods, which have been passed down from generation to generation, and therefore may not be economically or environmentally effective.

Johnathan Kol-Bar, Chairman and CEO of Smart Fertilizer, comments: “The development of GroPlant is poised to revolutionize and empower low-income smallholder farmers around the world. Together with Supplant, we have collected a large amount of data on fertilization and irrigation that will now become accessible to millions of farmers at an affordable cost.

GroPlant has the potential to transform the way farmers grow their crops, creating a more sustainable process that benefits both the farmer and the environment. It is a valuable tool for governments who must ensure that they play their role in sustainable agriculture and support their producers to achieve this in their country. This has never been done before and will be the first such app to exist.

Ori Ben-Ner, CEO of SupPlant: SupPlant’s and Smart fertilizers capabilities to find a unique solution which, for the first time, is aimed at GroPlant has vast potential with extraordinary implications for the economy of entire communities and the food and water supply in these countries.



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