Short film ‘Green Lanes’ starts festival after finishing post-production


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The short film ‘Green Lanes’ is preparing to head to film festivals after completing post-production in the UK.

Set in Haringey, North London, ‘Green Lanes’ follows Yusuf, a young man who brings his girlfriend Fiona home to finally meet her Turkish parents, but the family must come to terms with a long unspoken tragedy that has afflicted them.

Produced by Tutku Films and starring Nej Adamson, Fisun Burgess, Elizabeth Tan and Güni Koçak, “Green Lanes” was shot on location in the UK and filmed in English and Turkish. Güni Koçak wrote and directed the short film alongside co-director Marie Drisch.

The short film aims to challenge stereotypes of Asian minorities in Britain, often portrayed in cliched roles, with an inclusive approach to characters of the Muslim faith, so that they are more accurately portrayed in the context of today’s society. .

Güni Koçak and Elizabeth Tan in Green Lanes / © Tutku Films

Actor and filmmaker Güni Koçak noted, “There has been a lot of talk about the lack of representation and diversity in the entertainment industry, especially in front of and behind the camera. Instead of making demands, I took responsibility and asked the question: “Why is there a lack?” Is it a lack of talent? Do we need diversity just for fun? The answer came to me like a dream: to tell a human and personal story about people from underrepresented communities.

After consulting with family, friends, and members of the Turkish and Southeast Asian community, Koçak developed the characters and drew inspiration from the people he met to create the film’s narrative.

“It’s a story of and about underrepresented voices. In his heart, Greenways talks about collective grief and the importance of family. Having lost family members in recent years, the theme of collective grief, guilt and self-forgiveness stuck with me. I wanted to weave these emotions into an engaging narrative that examines the consequences of grief and how it has affected different family members.

Green Lanes short film trailer

Synopsis: When Yusuf brings his girlfriend Fiona (Elizabeth Tan) home to finally meet his Turkish mother (Fisun Burgess) and father (Nej Adamson), the whole family must come to terms with and remember an unspoken tragedy. .

Having previously directed the short film “Orhan”, Koçak’s latest film is his second collaboration with cinematographer Michael Spry, and was shot during the COVID pandemic. The film was also composed by Thom Thomas-Watkins. Filmed in north London, the short is currently being sent to film festivals for screenings this year and in 2022.


Official movie poster / © Tutku Films

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