RPL integrates Leostream into post-production workflows | Infrastructure | News

In an effort to enhance its cloud offering, editing solution provider Remote Picture Labs (RPL) has integrated Leostream’s remote access technology into its virtualized collaborative editing solution to authenticate users and promote security. content.
Boasting decades of experience in digital post-production, RPL strives to enable the migration of creative studios to remote workflows and provide location flexibility for editors and producers in the media industry. and entertainment. He says that achieving optimal levels of picture and sound quality in a remote desktop requires complex orchestration to work well in a virtualized environment. RPL believes it has built an offering that promotes the same quality and experience whether editing stations are delivered over the Internet or installed on users’ desktops.

RPL noted that its clients, who regularly conduct content audits when working with major media producers and distribution companies. He added that using detailed monitoring tools and logs provided by Leostream streamlines the audit process. Seeing a strong push to meet demand for live and scripted programming throughout the ongoing pandemic, RPL says it has quickly adopted its remote solution and is stepping up plans to increase automation internally with the help of Leostream. .

Leostream facilitates the brokerage of desktop connections and is used to satisfy a variety of security and audit related needs. Producers and post-production editors log in through Leostream using secure credentials and are connected to a remote workstation loaded with project content and applications, including Avid Media editing systems Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Beyond user authentication, the back-end of the Leostream platform has been customized to automate certain tasks and monitor remote sessions. Aspects of the remote workflow designed by RPL can be controlled and managed through a centralized deployment of Leostream.

“The inclusion of the Leostream platform has been instrumental in creating a seamless, high-performance remote desktop experience for publishers,” commented RPL co-founder Noah Gusdorff. “We have editing teams across the country all working in the same shared environment and collaborating as if they were in rooms next to each other. It’s phenomenal. As we look for new ways to serve our customers, improve the way they work, and transform the industry, we rely on Leostream… with its proven track record, robust software and scalability gives us everything we need to grow this service model to the future.”

“We’re really impressed with the innovation we’ve seen from RPL to recreate the entire post-production environment in a private cloud and have teams working remotely,” comments Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream. “We are expanding our footprint in the media and entertainment space and Leostream will launch more features to help creative studios succeed in the evolving remote/hybrid work culture.”


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