Remove 40 pounds of fertilizer with Pivot Bio Proven 40



Pivot Bio recently launched its second generation nitrogen product to increase agricultural productivity and provide improved sustainability. Lori Reese, Agronomic Field Trials Manager for Pivot Bio, says the new Pivot Bio Proven 40 offers significant benefits to farmers.

“We just announced our second generation product named Proven 40, which means it replaces 40 pounds of commercial fertilizer all season long for the corn crop. This will replace our proven product which provided around 20 pounds during the growing season. “

Since the company introduced the first commercially available microbial nitrogen in 2019, Pivot Bio has replaced synthetic nitrogen on more than one million acres of crops in 2021 alone. Reese says Proven 40 builds on this success.

“Proven 40 has many advantages for the grower, one being that it is a reliable source of nitrogen which, once you apply it when you plant the seed, it is their all season. , there is no leaching, there is no volatilization, it is a reliable source of nitrogen throughout the season.

Pivot Bio says synthetic fertilizers are not a long-term sustainable solution for farmers and food security. Reese says Proven 40 also helps growers meet their sustainability goals.

“Sustainability is a very hot topic in agriculture today and there is a sustainability aspect to using a product like this which is a natural microbe, again, no leaching or volatilization.”

Pivot Bio has demonstrated the product at over 300 demonstration and test sites. Reese adds that the new product is applied during the planting season.

“Today the way we deliver this product is in the furrow, so you need this equipment on your planter to deliver it directly to the seed when planting. And we want it there because the microbe is not mobile and the best place for it to be is right there when the radical appears and starts this colonization process.

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