Remote Picture Labs Partners with Avid for Post-Production Editing | Daily News


This agreement enables RPL to offer a virtual film and television post-production solution that allows editors, assistant editors and producers to collaborate from anywhere using Avid’s Media Composer software and Nexis storage products on offer. as a service to its customers.

RPL has changed its business model to adapt to the changing landscape as media companies turn to ‘as-a-service’ offerings to support an increasingly distributed workforce, moving from perpetual licenses to subscription with Avid.

Originally developed for assembly teams to work during the Covid-19 pandemic, the RPL solution offers all of the system performance and functionality of traditional Avid workstations. Each virtualized client runs on RPL’s private cloud in a secure environment that has the same image and audio quality and throughput as the on-premises mount arrays. This continuity enables a seamless transition to a remote collaborative environment, with content security ensured through multi-factor authentication and AES-256 encryption.

“A primary consideration from the start was letting the editing teams use their existing media and projects,” said Erik Beauchamp, CTO of Remote Picture Labs. “Our goal was to provide an experience identical to that of a traditional edit bay so that workflows can function as they always have. Partnering with Avid made this possible, with added benefits including editorial cost savings of up to 20% and the ability to hire editors wherever they are, as they no longer need to do part of the East Coast or West Coast Talent Pools. Although born out of necessity during the Covid-19 pandemic, our solution has proven to be a game changer for all film and television post-productions in the future. “

Built around Media Composer and Nexis, RPL virtual desktops can be used as part of a fully remote or hybrid solution with some people working on site and others working remotely. The software platform allows editing teams to access the latest Media Composer features as they become available and provides a common experience whether the editor works in a post-production facility, studio, or at home. Multiple workstations can be integrated on the same project, making the RPL solution suitable for remote collaborative editing of high-end live sports, studio shows, episodic television and feature films.

“As the rental market has evolved and media companies have had to immediately turn to work models from anywhere, the days of in-person rental equipment delivery have changed from day to day. next day, ”said Raymond Thompson, associate senior director and industrial marketing at Avid. “RPL has responded by developing its own hosted remote editing solution with Avid Media Composer and Avid Nexis and has helped its customers’ productions continue during the pandemic. Through our long-term technology partnership, we can continue to extend remote capabilities to the post-production community in the post-pandemic future. “


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