Regulation of the tendering process


It is generally observed that there is generally an overwhelming inadequate response from those concerned to the exercise of tenders by many government departments, although most of them are now initiated through ‘an online tendering process. There could be a multitude of reasons for this which, therefore, requires that the whole gamut of the process be made not only more transparent, but also flexible and attractive. This alone could lead to rapid project execution and proper implementation of relevant government programs. However, the government’s decision to decide to restrict local residents of a Panchayat the opportunity to participate in the tendering process is another step taken to give more importance and relevance to Panchayats in addition to ensuring that the grassroots development process has been accelerated. Various steps, one by one, taken by the government of Jammu and Kashmir to bring more transparency into the functioning of the Panchayats, now better placed than ever before, would surely yield better results and, in that spirit, Greater involvement in more activities by Panchayats and its members, including carrying out development work, would strengthen the spirit of strengthening these institutions by the villagers. Not only would the performance and quality of this work, albeit to a limited extent, be expected to be satisfactory, but the element of accountability and “clarification” due to any kind of deficiencies would be direct at the level. from Panchayat village.
It is highly advisable, as it is also possible to have such works carried out at the Panchayat level up to a limit only, both on an experimental basis and also by testing the abilities to manage larger projects at the Panchayat level. of the village in the coming years, hence a ceiling or limit up to Rs. 3 lakh because the cost of labor is quite reasonable. That in the event that there is some type of reservation or reluctance about such participation in a particular Panchayat, the neighbors might step into their shoes, take such a decision of the government not to jump in with the aim of the basic village level – that if it is not a particular Panchayat, its neighbor might do. The idea behind such an innovative decision, although to begin with, is to ensure the creation of assets by the inhabitants and to own them as well, thus sowing a feeling of participants in the overall development underway at the micro and macro in the country.
However, for all these innovative measures with the aim of involving more and more local residents in the village Panchayats, there should be a mechanism for registering potential candidates which should be done at the district level associated with the Hassle-free completion of the simplest of normal formalities. We learn that a simple process, in this regard, should be followed by the willing people of the respective deputy commissioner’s office to be able to participate in the acceptance of bids for different works and that the documents such as Aadhar card, card Pan, the certificate of domicile is sufficient. for. The additional verification process which is mandatory and must be completed by the relevant Panchayat and local police should not take a long time. It is a natural corollary that registration being a single process, the person concerned no longer needs it unless it is periodically renewed according to the principles of the regime. There could also be some slack in the process depending on the scope of the response and the details of the overall decision made by the relevant UT departments.
There is no doubt that such government measures aimed primarily at strengthening the Panchayati system and promoting development at the local level are also aimed at maximum local participation in matters concerning the development of their villages. The emphasis on speed of work, quality of work and timely completion of work would also benefit local people. The panchayats being there for the sake of the name rather than working and performing panchayats with transparency, accountability and maximum participation of the people is all envisioned by the government to be carried out in letter and spirit for obvious reasons. .

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