Progressive Planet Solutions Inc expands into the production of regenerative fertilizers and custom soil amendments


Progressive Planet Solutions Inc (TSX-V:PLAN) (PLAN) said it was expanding into custom-blended regenerative fertilizers and soil amendments using new specialized blending equipment.

The company said it began commercial production of the soil amendment Hydr8 this week in partnership with Eco Health Industries Ltd.

Custom blends of fertilizers are applied at different times and for a variety of desired results, according to PLAN. He said Hydr8 is a combination of biochar, zeolite and humates in an easy-to-apply blend that, when added to native soils, increases graft viability and improves plant resistance to drought and drought. stress.

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PLAN said it has been doing seasonal single-ingredient toll processing of regenerative fertilizer powders since August 2020 at its pilot plant and now, using new mixing equipment fully paid for with the acquisition of Absorbent Products, the company can evenly mix up to 20 tons per hour of multi-ingredient customer fertilizer powders to exact customer specifications.

Eco Health co-owner Darcy Lepine said he visited PLAN’s premises to witness the mixing of Hydr8 and was impressed with the throughput and quality of their new mixing equipment.

“The mixing equipment gives me great confidence that PLAN can scale the processing of this exciting new product for our business without us having to invest in new equipment ourselves,” said Lepine.

PLAN added that its next phase of product offerings will be the ability to convert fertilizer powders to granules to enable the application of specialty fertilizer granules using traditional fertilizer spreaders.

In its bid to enter the granular fertilizer market, the company ordered a 16-foot-wide disc granulator in May 2022, which is expected to be delivered in August 2022. The company said it plans to start producing both a unique and personalized ingredient. mix regenerative fertilizer pellets in the fall of 2022.

PLAN is a B2B disruptive technology innovation company providing circular solutions using micronized minerals for the cement and agriculture sectors.

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