Process and control today | The floating ecosystem will leave a legacy at the BlueTech Forum


Vancouver’s iconic Trout Lake in John Hendry Park will be the location of a new floating ecosystem to showcase the social and environmental benefits of aquatic restoration. He will also leave a legacy for a flagship water technology event to be held in the city.

The installation of the floating ecosystem was made possible through a partnership between water technology intelligence company BlueTech Research, technology company Biomatrix Water and the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation.

It will launch at BlueTech Forum 2022, taking place at the Vancouver Convention Center on June 7-8. Delegates will have the opportunity to join in the planting of the ecosystem as a collaborative experience, echoing the need for strong partnerships to solve the water challenges facing the planet.

The urban water feature includes interlocking floating platforms that will be planted with local flora to create habitats for native species. The mini ecosystem will grow in harmony with the local environment, supporting animals including fish, birds, amphibians, insects and microbiology.

Construction of the facility in John Hendry Park is already underway by the Biomatrix Water team and it could become a permanent fixture at Trout Lake.

Biomatrix floating ecosystems require minimal maintenance and use 100% sustainable, recycled and non-toxic materials. As well as improving water quality, habitat diversity and mental well-being through increased contact with natural areas, they can also be a source of environmental education – revealing the benefits of aquatic restoration to the public.

Galen Fulford, Managing Director of Biomatrix Water, said: “Through our work at Biomatrix, we aim to create an opportunity for people to reconnect with the natural world in the heart of the places where they live.

“Natural wetland water systems have increased biodiversity and water quality and provided habitats for plants and animals for millennia. Installing a floating ecosystem at John Hendry Park is an incredible opportunity to help create more thriving ecosystems within the city of Vancouver itself.

The 2022 BlueTech Forum will bring together technology and engineering experts from across the water world, along with investors and prominent thought leaders, to forge collaborative solutions to global water challenges.

Paul O’Callaghan, Managing Director of BlueTech Research, said: “I have long dreamed of leaving a lasting legacy in the cities that host the BlueTech Forum, and for the first time we are making it a reality.

“The theme of this year’s BlueTech Forum is ‘radical collaboration for regeneration’, and participants can now take an active part in a very creative and hands-on project while working alongside their peers. We don’t just talk, we walk the talk and create memories that will last long after delegates return home.

On June 6, Forum delegates, park board staff and community members will gather at John Hendry Park with keynote speakers from the BlueTech Forum, including anthropologist Wade Davis and environmental author Paul Hawkin. They will meet the team behind the floating ecosystem and participate in the planting of saplings on the installation before it is floated on Trout Lake.

Chad Townsend, senior environmental and sustainability planner at the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation, said: “The impacts of climate change – abnormally cold temperatures, extreme heat, prolonged drought – are an ongoing threat to the environment and Vancouver’s wildlife, we must do everything we can, as a city, to seek new, sustainable ways to support our green spaces during this climate emergency.

“Not only is this the first step to increasing biodiversity in John Hendry Park, but it is an experiment to test new innovative solutions to support our local flora and fauna and improve the natural habitats in which they live for a long time. term.”

The facility will also help offset the Forum’s carbon emissions, with a percentage of each ticket going towards funding it. It joins others that Biomatrix Water has installed around the world, including the UK, USA, Philippines, India and China.

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