Process and control today | CompAir’s New Tree Planting Campaign Set to Cut Tons of Compressed Air Energy Emissions


CompAir has launched a new environmental campaign which pledges to plant a tree for every CompAir or Hydrovane variable speed compressor sold in the UK.

The campaign aims to plant hundreds of trees before the end of the year, in various parts of the UK – one for every energy-efficient compressor purchased. Based on the energy and carbon savings of its CompAir L75RS compressor for example, this will lead to a reduction of 112 tonnes of CO2 per machine, with the equivalent emissions of 24 cars being taken off the road for a year.[1]

CompAir partners with Carbon Footprint, an environmental organization committed to tracking and reducing carbon emissions at source, as well as supporting numerous carbon offset projects. The carbon footprint will help the company find suitable locations, as well as participate in tree planting activities, during the planting period from October to March.

In addition, the company will support a biodiversity reserve project in Rimba Raya in Borneo, Indonesia, with the aim of offsetting 200 tCO2e of its own emissions resulting from its operations. The project aims to reverse the effects of deforestation in the region, helping to protect endangered species, contribute to the local economy and provide access to clean water and health services.

Colin Mander, director of the company’s strategic business line, explains the reasons for the campaign and how customers can get involved:

“The recent COP 26 summit, coupled with rising energy bills, is pushing more and more companies to consider their electricity consumption, as well as their impact on the environment. Compressed air production would represent up to 10% of all electricity consumed per industry, so we wanted to incentivize our customers to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint, by investing in the very latest in energy efficient compressed air technology.

“Unlike traditional fixed speed compressors, which operate at a constant speed, our latest line of variable speed drive compressors can be optimized to handle the variable plant demand in most plant air systems. automatic engine lubrication system provides maximum protection. Maintenance costs are also reduced thanks to excellent accessibility to all major components.

“Our popular CompAir L75RS compressor has also been recently optimized to deliver higher airflow, a new compact footprint of just 2.23m2 and a lower noise level. The new machine offers efficiency improvements of up to 6.8% over previous models, and up to 6% higher throughput from all-new compressor blocks, significantly reducing lifetime. »

“Getting involved couldn’t be easier. For every customer who purchases a new variable speed compressor from our CompAir or Hydrovane ranges, we’ll plant a tree as a thank you for helping to reduce carbon emissions. Customers can simply talk to their local distributor CompAir or Hydrovane, to organize a free energy audit, to determine the energy savings they could achieve by switching to a variable speed machine.

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[1] Based on the energy performance of the CompAir L75RS compressor. 157,500 kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to 112 tons of C02/ greenhouse gas emissions or 24 cars for one year. Carbon sequestered by 137 acres of forest, or 1846 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

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