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Avye Couloute, a Grade 9 student from Surbiton High School, was crowned Young British Engineer of the Year for her project, she concluded The Big Bang Contest. Avye impressed the judges with his invention which aims to improve indoor air quality by monitoring and reacting to CO2 levels. The solution can benefit classrooms, co-working spaces, and seated dining areas in the hospitality industry.

Avye was given £2,000 to continue her STEM journey. Congratulations Avy!

Other engineering prizes were awarded to bright young people. They understand:

Lily-Mai Spinks, a year 12 pupil at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form Free School in Norwich, won the higher engineering category in the final of the Competition, for his project entitled ‘ISOPOD’. Lily-Mai has made a tent with an accordion design, aiming to provide an eco-friendly and user-friendly festival camping alternative.

Om Patel, a Year 11 student from Queen Elizabeth’s School in North London, won the intermediate engineering category for his project entitled “Supporting People with Dorsal Flexor Weakness (Drop Foot) and Normal Calf Weakness”. This aims to support people with walking difficulties with a prototype splint designed that supports the leg from knee to foot and ensures that the person can walk more naturally.

Ryan Stubbs and William Bradshaw, a team of Year 8 students from St Faith’s School in Cambridge, won the junior engineer category for their project entitled ‘ElectroPi’. They created a seed planting robot, designed to plant and water seeds based on soil moisture levels.

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