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Working alongside Two Brother Pictures, Vine FX has delivered over 270 shots for BBC1’s Baptist season two. It was the sole visual effects provider for the spinoff series of The Missing. Filming in Budapest was halted due to coronavirus and lockdown measures, after which VineFX helped turn British sets into Hungarian locations.

Scenes shot in the UK have been altered to visually represent places such as central Budapest, a Hungarian ski resort, and mountainous winter terrain.

Six-part filming resumed in September 2020, following retired detective Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) as he delves into the corrupt underworld of Budapest.

VFX Supervisor Michael Illingworth worked with series producer John Griffin, establishing solutions to problems caused not only by travel restrictions, but also constraints in talent availability.

Griffin said, “Vine creatively guided us through some pretty difficult challenges and helped us deliver a high quality show, making the process rewarding and fun. And from a budgetary point of view, once again, they have helped and guided us through the most beneficial and often short-term solutions.

Some shots from VineFX required detailed snow improvements. Travel restrictions prohibiting the possibility of re-shooting snow-covered elements in the B̦rzșny mountains of northern Hungary. The Vine FX team helped reconstruct the required snowy landscape on the London patches Рsnowfall, patches of frost, and dense forest were incorporated to counteract the fall colors that were originally taken.

3D set extensions have been created to transform the setting from Watford to Budapest. The production team hired a local photographer to research the photogrammetry of the buildings that would be constructed in 3D. The images were then used to build a series of streets which were mixed into the whole of Watford and transported to the busy Hungarian site.

During a scene in the season finale, changes were made to the drone plates that were shot in Dagenham to represent the roof of a hospital in central Budapest. The client brief demanded that the location be transformed with views that overlook the bustling cityscape. Production worked with local managers to find suitable VFX elements with the right angles and lighting conditions required. These moving elements allowed Vine FX to integrate the hospital into an authentic central city location.

The Vine FX team delivered the show while working entirely remotely, with the project overseen by VFX producer Kaitlyn Beattie.



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