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LANSING, Michigan (WLUC) – The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is responsible for responsibly managing 3.9 million acres of state forest land using techniques such as timber harvesting, planting and prescribed burns to keep forests thriving and healthy.

To make the job more efficient and easier to supervise, MNR divides these millions of acres into 15 forest management units, which are then divided into compartments. These are blocks of land typically ranging in size from 1 to 3 square miles (600 to 1,800 acres).

The management activity in each forest management unit is finalized two years in advance. This summer and fall, recommendations for 2023 are presented.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Open House was held in a virtual format, with one-month comment periods. At present, the open houses planned for 2021 will also be virtual, with contributions invited by email, phone or post during the period indicated. This gives people the opportunity to provide input to foresters, wildlife biologists and other MNR professionals regarding forest plans.

“Our open houses and compartment review meetings are an easy and informative way to learn about what is happening in the state forests and the actions proposed to keep these lands thriving,” said Jeff Stampfly. , head of the forest resources division of the DNR. “If you are interested in Crown Forest Lands in your area, we want to hear from you. “

Following the end of each comment period, a public compartment review meeting will take place, during which foresters will present MNR’s final decisions on management activities. The DNR annually examines 10% of the state forest. This equates to about 400,000 acres or about 220 compartments.

For more information, including a link to the interactive forest map showing details of all forest management activities, visit

Below you will find the comment periods taking place in May and the associated compartment reviews. Contact the regional unit manager to make arrangements to view the compartment review meeting online or listen by phone.

Here is a list of those that occur in areas of Upper Michigan:

  • Baraga: Comments April 20-May 20; the examination of the compartment is on June 10. Contact Brad Carlson, 906-201-4688.
  • Gaylord: Comments May 17-June 16; the compartment examination is on July 15. Contact Lucas Merrick, 989-732-3541, ext. 5440.

To see a full schedule of comments, including for six other Upper Michigan forest management units, click here.

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