Ostara builds fertilizer production plant in Missouri


Ostara is building a new facility to produce its platform product, Crystal Green, a granular phosphate fertilizer, in the heart of the Corn Belt. Farmers seek to increase yield and quality without negative impact on the environment, and Crystal Green offers both, according to the company.

The new plant, which will be located in St. Louis, Missouri, will provide farmers with many logistical advantages.

“Ostara is excited to bring additional tons of Crystal Green to market as demand has continually exceeded supply. The St. Louis facility is great news for North American farmers as we add the tons farmers really want a more effective phosphate fertilizer option that feeds crops all season long by preventing nutrient loss through soil fixation, runoff and leaching, and that’s Crystal Green,” says Ron Restum, Commercial Director at Ostara “The timing couldn’t be better as the industry seeks more locally produced fertilizers that avoid international supply chain issues. Additionally, the new plant will support economic growth.” indispensable in the Midwest.

Ostara announced the purchase of the facility from Bruce Oakley, Inc. in 2021 with the intention of building a state-of-the-art granulation facility to produce Crystal Green phosphate fertilizers. The new production facility is a significant investment in the future for Ostara and will add over 40 jobs to the St. Louis market.

“St. Louis was the perfect location for this facility, not only because of the proximity to the market, but also the wealth of talent in the community and the full support of the entire Oakley team,” adds Restum. “We We’ve already started adding key people to the team and openings are posted regularly on our website as we grow and build progress.”

The St. Louis plant will produce over 200,000 tons of Crystal Green fertilizer for shipment throughout North America. With rail, barge and truck access, retailers and farmers will have seamless access to the latest innovation in phosphate fertility.


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