Now you can easily get a license to sell seeds, fertilizers, vermicompost; Know how



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If you are planning to open a fertilizer, seed or vermicompost store but don’t know where and how to get the license, don’t worry, we are here to help !!!

As we know, the government continues to do something new for farmers and those associated with the agricultural sector. Recently, the government of Bihar implemented a new rule to obtain a license for fertilizers, seeds and vermicompost.

Previously, to open a fertilizer or seed store, people had to go to the relevant office and apply for a license in long queues. Not only have these numerous cases of black marketing been reported by the media as well, but now the government of Bihar has solved the problem by making the whole process easier.

The application process becomes easy

Now, those who wish to obtain a license to sell fertilizers, seeds and pesticides will have to apply online, as the whole process has gone digital. This new system has been implemented by the government in most of the districts. The Department of Agriculture also transmitted this information to all agricultural officers in the district as well as to relevant officials.

How to apply for fertilizer, seed license

Follow the steps below to obtain a seed and fertilizer store license;

  • First, visit the Department of Agriculture’s DBT website.

  • Click on the online registration link on the home page

  • Then click on License Registration, then Authentication by Aadhaar.

  • After authentication, you will receive a username and password on your registered mobile number

  • Click on Apply renewal / New license

  • Click on Seeds or Fertilizers according to your needs

  • Now carefully fill in all the details, upload all the required documents and make the payment.

  • When the request is complete, print it.

  • Now send this hard copy to the appropriate office within one week.

To note: In case of technical problem, contact @ 8789578914

Once the ministry receives your request, it will immediately begin the process. If your documents and form are correct, within one month you will either get the license. But if your documents do not match the requirements, your application will be canceled.

The government has put the process online because there have been many irregularities and frauds reported in the past when selling fertilizer in the state. Faced with these problems and complaints, the department has made this system completely transparent for the population by putting it online.



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