“No food security without seed security”



Local seed varieties are essential to protect the genetic diversity of crops, according to Island seed growers. Metchosin Farm is cleaning and storing approximately 120 different seed varieties this season, all of them open-pollinated heirloom varieties grown locally.

“We make a wide range of seeds, so we have your usual vegetables like carrots, beets, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce,” said Fiona Hamersley Chambers of Metchosin Farm. “Then we do herbs, and we also do a lot of native plants, especially berries.” To help the farm with their seed cleaning and saving process, FarmFolk CityFolk is stopping by with their mobile seed cleaner.

“It’s designed to help seed growers clean their seeds more efficiently,” said Siri van Gruen, coordinator of the organization’s seed security program in British Columbia. “A big hurdle for many seed growers across the province not having the necessary equipment to effectively process their seeds. The mobile seed cleaner – with its 2021 tour funded by the Ministry of Agriculture – is equipped with a threshing machine, winnowing assistant and various displays and mowers.

Metchosin Farm grows around 260 different seed varieties and the reason is simple, according to Hamersley Chambers. “There is no food security without seed security.

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