Netflix to set up first global post-production unit in Mumbai



Netflix is ​​setting up its first post-production facility in Mumbai that will respond not only to Indian but also global streaming major projects.

It will be Netflix’s first full-service, full-service post-production facility in the world, and is expected to be up and running by June 2022.

The facility will have 40 offline editing rooms for showrunners, directors, editors and sound designers to collaborate and complete production.

“We are delighted that Mumbai is home to this wonderful creative space,” said Vijay Venkataramanan, Post Production Manager at Netflix India. “This reinforces our commitment to the entertainment industry in India as we continue to give creators the best resources to tell great stories. ”

The post-production studio will be a global production hub for Netflix, which now has more than 208 million paying subscribers in more than 190 countries.

The facility will pioneer advanced media management workflows that will enable a seamless partnership with the Indian post-production community, the company said.

Last year, Netflix also launched NetFX, a platform that allows multiple Indian artists to work on visual effects for titles around the world.

The company said it invests in the latest technology and skills development through multiple certifications and training workshops in post-production, screenwriting and other aspects of creative production.

Regarding the reason for the post-production facility, Netflix said it wants to continue contributing to the Indian creative community.

“Our goal is to continue to improve the overall experience of our talent and industry partners, and to equip them with the best resources to tell authentic stories in the most engaging way. We are in a golden age of entertainment in India, now is the best time to be a creator and consumer of great stories, ”he said.

Netflix started out as a DVD rental service in 1997 in the United States, but it was in 2013 that the company started producing content with “House of Cards”.

In 2016, as part of its global rollout, Netflix launched its service in India and has now completed more than five years in the country. According to various estimates, the company has 4-4.5 million paying subscribers in India.

Netflix claimed to have invested 3,000 crore rupees in local programming in India in 2019 and 2020 to create a universe of Indian stories.

Earlier this month, the company announced 41 titles, its largest lineup of original series, films, documentaries and reality formats in the country to date.



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