Mower County Company Explains The Process Of Growing Hemp


“We started around May 1, we hope to put them in the ground by June 1. And then at the end of September we’ll start harvesting,” Cotter said.

The plants will soon be replanted in three different fields with a transplanter. The transplanter makes a hole in the ground with water to help the plants sit up, then someone comes from behind to make sure the plant is properly seated in the hole. The hemp plants then grow until September and are then harvested.

Brinkman and Cotter said they used plants grown with a low THC level because if they were above 0.3% THC, they would have to be destroyed. All hemp produced in Minnesota should be sampled and tested 30 days before harvest to ensure it does not exceed this percentage.

Once the hemp is harvested, they work with laboratories to extract the cannabinoids from the hemp which are then used in the products of their Superior Cannabis stores.

These products include everything from CBD capsules to bath bombs.

“Every cannabinoid has a positive benefit to the body, so if you think about what other plant has so many beneficial compounds for the body, I can’t think of one,” Brinkman said.

Cotter and Brinkman said they have seen a lot of people benefit from their CBD products and help educate people in their stores. But they also encourage people to do their own research on the plant.

“I don’t think corn, soybeans, oats, none of that can do what it can do, and the best thing about it is that we plant that a little weed control early on and after that this plant will outperform most of the competition, other varieties around it, ”Cotter said.

They have planted 9,000 hemp seedlings this year and plan to replant in fields outside soon. This will require a team of 12 people to help plant them all with the transplanter.


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