Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Peterborough hires engineers to help with city center vision process


Monadnock Ledger – Transcript

Posted: 2022-06-08 13:24:14

Modified: 08/06/2022 13:22:51

Peterborough has hired an engineering firm to help this summer with a visioning process to revitalize the city centre.

On Tuesday, board members approved the hiring of Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, an engineering firm that has worked on other downtown projects, including the reconstruction of the Main Street Bridge and construction of a parking lot on River Street, to work with planners on the downtown vision process.

City planner Danica Melone said the process will include a series of community feedback meetings this summer focused on redesigning and beautifying streets and improving bicycle and pedestrian access in the area. Depot Street and the intersection of Depot Street and Main Street. The role of Hoyle, Tanner & Associates will be to help groups find feasible projects.

“We want it to be representative of community feedback and within our budget, but most importantly we need them to make sure that whatever the outcome, it meets local, state and federal regulations,” Melone said. .

Hoyle, Tanner & Associates will meet with city staff to review the scope of work, determine a baseline of feasibility of existing goals, and provide recommendations for effective uses. The company will also provide three concept designs for the area, based on public feedback and ideas, and provide a final plan with specifications that can be used for future bidding processes.

The visualization process should be completed by the end of this year.

The city selected Hoyle, Tanner & Associates from two applicants. The process, including company fees, is paid for through a combination of grants and funds from the Downtown Tax Increase Funding District, or TIF. A city can designate a specific area of ​​the city as a TIF district, which means that tax assessment for that area is frozen, and revenue from any additional value added to properties through improvements is captured in a separate fund that can be used for projects specifically in this area. Region.

The visioning process uses up to $20,000 from the downtown TIF fund and $30,000 from a grant from the Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation.

The first briefing on the visualization process took place on Wednesday, after the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript deadline. A recording of the meeting should be posted on the City of Peterborough website.

In other Select Board news, the city has given the Director of the Department of Public Works and Deputy City Administrator Seth MacLean and City Administrator Nicole MacStay the power to request a American Rescue Plan Act funding through the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for culvert repairs. MacLean said there were at least three culverts in the city that would meet the funding requirements – one on Pine Street, one on Old Dublin Road and one on Prospect Street. There is also a potential fourth culvert on Powers Bridge Road, but this culvert is in a TIF district, and TIF funding could be used for the repair.

MacLean said the funding would enable everything from “engineering to the physical construction of the asset.”

In another discussion, the council ordered MacStay to schedule a public hearing to accept gifts from community members or organizations for the beautification of city parks. The daughters of recently deceased resident Mafalda Boccelli Ames presented the city with checks for $2,000, which were collected in lieu of flowers for her funeral, to fund plantings in the Boccelli Garden of the town.

Specifically, her family requested the planting of hydrangeas, which were Mafalda’s favorite flowers, and other flowers that attract butterflies, and the use of an arborist to tend the apple tree in the garden.

A Peterborough Lions Club bench is also donated to the city. The bench is made from 500 pounds of recycled plastic bags.

Some board members thanked the community for the gifts and asked MacStay to schedule a public hearing for their official acceptance. All gifts given to the city must be presented in a public hearing before the city can accept, according to state law.

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