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BANGALORE from India, April 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – An influencer – as the word suggests – influences a set of audiences who follow their blogs / vlogs / social media posts. In this period of the corona pandemic, the consumption of online content has multiplied by several. This led to influencers having more of a say in terms of product placements in their content.

The global influencer marketing industry should be US $ 15 billion in 2022 compared to 8 billion US dollars in 2019. In India, the industry is small, but is poised to grow to around US $ 2 billion by 2022. Today, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to gain brand trust. Influencers can bring great customer acquisition to brands by creating great content on their social media. Brands have started to recognize the importance and impact of influencer marketing. This has led to an increase in the share of influencers’ marketing budget in their overall marketing budgets.

In India, around 70% of influencers are from metropolitan areas – with Bombay and Delhi representing more than 50% of influencers. However, around 30% of influencers come from level 2 towns and villages. Almost 50% of influencers are between 18 and 24 years old. Over 80% of influencers are labeled as micro or nano influencers, which means they have less 50k.

The main challenges that influencers face are: No clear reference on the value of work, late payments, expectations of quick results, lack of training and lack of clear expectations. With more and more emphasis on this marketing segment, there is a clear need to address these issues and develop the influencer ecosystem.

With this goal in mind, Abhishek Vyas and Nitish Kalra has begun My transport store (MHS). A single solution platform for influencers. The company provides a platform for influencers to showcase their videos / blogs, training and support for video creation and editing, brand marketing projects and a steady stream of income. MHS is a trendy tool for influencers that can help promote sponsored and unsponsored products in an efficient and interactive way, providing a great user experience to its followers and followers.

By quitting their six-figure jobs, Abhishek and Nitish entered the world of entrepreneurship. In their past organizations, they had worked with influencers and understood their issues. They also saw a huge opportunity to address these issues for influencers and brands.

In mid-2020, MHS approached Amazon with a proposal to manage and activate its influencer marketing program. “It took us three months to run the pilot, and then we were able to convince the Amazon team of the value we can offer,” said Abhishek Vyas, Founder and CEO, MHS. This agreement was the validation of what he and his co-founders were trying to achieve.

MHS started with a group of fifteen influencers and made a modest profit from affiliate marketing. The duo claimed that allocating their finances was a gradual process and they never rushed into a decision.

Video editing is one of the strengths of MHS. The skilled MHS team adapts influencer video and highlights content for influencers. Revised content eliminates clutter and reaches the right audience and increases brand engagement. The services aim to help influencers get out of the constraints imposed by the lack of material and the saving of time on post-production.

“We want to allow influencers to focus on their business and bring creativity and quality content, which fundamentally increases their stake and engagement,” said Abhishek Vyas, Founder and CEO, MHS. MHS offers tailor-made packages to make services accessible and profitable to all influencers in the field.

Other services offered by MHS include digital marketing, photography, graphic design and video production. Abhishek Vyas added: “We are creating a one-stop shop for innovative solutions by bringing together the best. “

MHS has secured Amazon influencer marketing as well as pre-launch and post-launch shoots for businesses and they can’t wait to have more influencers and brands on board. The company has redone Rs 7 crores of income in no time. The company will strive to add more services. These will help solve influencer issues, design and implement brand marketing campaigns, and grow the entire influencer, brand and user ecosystem.

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