Mena Suvari’s Mental Health is an “Ongoing Process” | Entertainment



Mena Suvari considers her mental health to be an “ongoing process”.

The 42-year-old actress opened up about her past issues – including sexual abuse and drug use – in her eye-opening memoir, and Mena revealed that she is still “very active” with her therapist.

Asked about her sanity, Mena – whose memoir is titled ‘The Great Peace’ – said: “I feel like this is an ongoing process. I love my therapist. I still work with her.

The actress is brutally honest about the challenges she has faced in her life in her new book.

But Mena believes what she’s been through actually underscores her strength of character, and she is determined to share her story with others.

When asked what she learned about herself while writing the book, she told the “Dear Chelsea” podcast: “I know I have the strength to carry on and I guess working with vulnerability to share too… it’s important to me now. “

The Hollywood star was keen to tell her story because she believes she can help others who have had similar experiences.

She said: “I feel like this is the real reason we are here, to share our experiences and to help each other.”

Earlier this year, Mena revealed that she was a “victim of repeated sexual abuse”.

The actress admitted to “living a double life” during her time in Hollywood, and she eventually turned to the club scene and drugs to try and numb the emotional pain she was feeling.

The ‘American Beauty’ star – who gave birth to her son, Christopher, in April – admitted: “I have turned to any form of self-medication I could find, just to worry about it. get out. I was just trying to survive. “



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