Makei comments on Ukraine’s ban on transit of Belarusian potash fertilizer


MINSK, Feb. 16 (BelTA) — Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei commented on Ukraine’s ban on rail transit of Belarusian potassium fertilizer during a press conference in Minsk on Feb. 16, BelTA learned.

“The government has set up a group to counter the sanctions. We are carefully studying all the decisions that any country makes regarding Belarus and developing adequate response measures. Likewise, in this situation, we are carefully analyzing the situation and will take the necessary measures. appropriate measures, but we will ensure that they do not harm our national and economic interests,” said Vladimir Makei.

A few days earlier, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko had commented on Uktain’s hostile decision during a meeting with Ukrainian politician and statesman Alexander Moroz in Minsk on February 14. The President noted that Ukraine had decided not to purchase Belarusian potassium fertilizer and asked the United States to help replace this product. But the United States refused to help because they mainly buy potash from Canada.

“They asked America to help them with this! Imagine the cost: produce, process, load, transport by rail, unload in ports, transport them for thousands of miles, and still tranship, transport iron and deliver them to the farmers… It will be much more expensive. Why are they doing this?” the Head of State expressed his perplexity.

At the same time, Belarus is ready to lend a hand to Ukraine, as always, noted Alexander Lukashenko. Recently, for example, Belarus helped Ukraine supply electricity on demand to the country.


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