L’Ivre d’André Marques in post-production



– The director of the short film grandfather and Luminita is currently working on his first feature film

Actor Vítor Roriz in the drunkard

the drunkard, André Marques‘first feature film, is now in post-production. Over the years, Marques has directed more than a dozen short films, including grandfather and Luminita, and for the director, this format is an “art form in its own right; it has its own identity. Cinema is cinema. But, for me, it has always been a way to access feature films. I never hid it.

Marques started working on the drunkard in 2011, and the project was developed with support from the Venice Film Festival’s Biennale College Cinema program in 2014 and the Plot Script Lab in 2015. Marques says: “Over the past ten years I have worked on so much different things. This project has grown, and so have I, as a director. With this diverse set of projects and experiences, I tried to figure out what kind of director I can (and want to be) to be. And now I know that the kind of cinema I want to do in terms of feature films is different from what I do with short films. I think for feature films I prefer social dramas, thrillers, and things that involve a certain sense of contemplation and a reflection on society and its elements.

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the drunkardThe connection’s line reads: “Contemplating the failure of his life, Rogério drinks until he loses control of his actions and gets involved in a bar fight. His alcoholic wanderings lead him to the city’s port, where he falls asleep watching the ships go by. When a young woman appears in the night, apparently fleeing from something, Rogério offers to help and enters a nightmare he never imagined he could become his.

Vitor Roriz (Rogério) and Ina Esanu (Oksana), both actors for the first time, play the main protagonists. Marques explains, “After a long period of hard work, what I got from both of them was dedication and total commitment. And that makes all the difference in the cinema: it will definitely make all the difference in this film. As Rogério, the main character, is present in most of the scenes, “I knew from the start that the main role would not be me, but this protagonist and this actor. And that’s exactly what happened. The cast also includes Teresa madruga, João Pedro Vaz, Jorge Vaz Gomes, Antonio Melo, Damien Oancea, Gonçalo Norton de Matos and David Pereira Bastos, among others.

The film was shot during the pandemic, which delayed the project and “changed the way we work.” It was sometimes like a puzzle. The location was well known to the director: “My mind and my heart would always bring me back to Setúbal, the city where I shot my first short film. And in this project, I really wanted to show the city. The director worked closely with the producer, Alexandre oliveira (d’Ar de Filmes), meanwhile, “directing and production go hand in hand. I need to know how many oranges I have and how many I can squeeze them while still trusting what is genuine and random. Sometimes things just happen while you’re filming, and you can go with the flow. “

With the cinematography of Manuel Pinho Braga, artistic direction by Flavia Lombardi and Maria ribeiro, its by Pedro Anacleto and edited by Pedro Augusto Almeida, the film was funded by the Portuguese Film Institute, with the support of the city of Setúbal. Its release is scheduled for the end of 2022.

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