Jharkhand: EC Bans Single-Use Plastic During Mandar Indirect Voting Process | Ranchi News

RANCHI: The Mandar Constituency by-election scheduled for June 23 will set a precedent by being the first in the state to witness an environmentally friendly voting process. The Electoral Commission (EC) has banned single-use plastic during the electoral process and on Election Day.
Speaking to TOI on Monday, which was also the last date for submitting nominations, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Jharkhand, K Ravi Kumar, said: “By acting on an EC directive, we will ban the single-use plastic during Mandar’s indirect vote I believe this will be the first time in the state that such a decision has been passed in an election We have set up a committee under the direction of an official of magistrate rank to ensure respect for order.
Kumar also said, “Single-use plastic materials are often used in election materials. We are working to replace them. We will encourage environmentally friendly materials during election worker training and other election-related activities. conduct of the entire electoral process. In the event that certain accessories using recyclable plastic are essential, we will ensure that these items are recycled.”
When asked if political parties were bound by the rule, he said: “We call on everyone to go green during campaigning and other activities because safeguarding the environment is everyone’s responsibility. “.
The CEO added: “However, political parties do not fall within the scope of the EC directive, as this decision only covers the conduct of elections.”
Efforts to implement eco-friendly trash cans, says Ranchi DC
Ranchi District Deputy Commissioner and Electoral Officer Chhavi Ranjan said they were preparing to make the by-vote a “green election”. There are about 429 voting booths in Mandar constituency which falls under Ranchi district.
“We have issued directives to relevant polling officials not to use single-use plastic in any form for election-related work. Efforts are underway to implement eco-friendly bins, ban plates and thermocol cups and supporting the use of environmentally friendly plastic items for food and drinking water, in addition to planting saplings in polling booths and voting centers in a phased manner. been tasked with spreading the message of a ‘green election’ to the haats and villages of the constituency during the ballot awareness campaigns,” he added.
Welcoming the move, political parties said they would try to minimize environmental damage during their campaigns.

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