Inspiring and galvanizing meaningful and impactful thought process: Acoustic Powerhouse David Ng releases new track


With the unveiling of his moving new album, “Thoughts”, David Ng presents listeners with a thoughtful, contemplative and rewarding path to take.

Few artists are able to create a dent in the musical sphere, while actualizing their own voice and passion for music. One of these contemporaries is David Ng – a rising name in music, who continues to heal wounds and soothe hearts with his soulful musical compositions.

Connecting hearts and minds with its haunting melody and narrative songwriting that weaves bonds across borders, David Ng’s latest release titled “Thoughtsis a treat for fans of the genre. Complete with an introspective and reflective virtuosity that focuses on the complex relationships of human emotions, from the beauty of happiness to the disguises of discouragement.

“Thoughts” was released in 2021, and highlights the thought-driving mantra of “Mind over Matter”, and exudes the richness of contemplative virtuosity that is characteristic of David Ng. The new single highlights how serendipity changes lives, encouraging listeners to embrace a positive attitude and value optimism.

Hoping that “Thoughts” will become a movie title theme and be used in the best films and feature films, David Ng intends to create his own lasting and distinctive imprint in Acoustic and Soul, galvanizing his skills and talents.

“What you harvest today was a seed planted by you long ago but forgotten. My goal is for my songs to become the main theme of a hit movie,” David Ng says of his musical inspiration.

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David Ng is an up-and-coming acoustic singer-songwriter who is armed with a passion for showcasing his musical talents and skills with the world. The dynamic artist has been writing music since he was young and has always been driven to find his own calling.

The eclectic artist discovered music publishing in the early 80s, but there was no viable avenue for him to participate in his own ventures. Due to the continuous development of internet networks, the door of music publishing finally seemed viable to David Ng in 2020 with the accessibility of TuneCore as a music publisher.

Taking the first steps of learning, he chose two of his simplest songs in their simplest, most honest forms, hoping to tell relatable stories with simple melody and rhythms and with titles. simple. He has also registered his work with BMI USA, without any harsh expectation of results of any kind or form. Rather, only from a conscious thought of making the gesture of planting a seed at some point in one’s life and hoping it germinates into something or just leaves an imprint.








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