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According to the requirements of the new position at IMAX, it appears that the company is strengthening and expanding its cloud infrastructure, to implement pipelines and workflows for cloud-based image processing applications, including post production.

IMAX in the cloud?

When we think of IMAX cameras, we imagine a huge, noisy box that sucks in and rolls 70mm film inside to create exceptional images. Indeed, IMAX (1st generation) cameras are primitive and simple, yet powerful. However, IMAX also does other things. For example, the IMAX Enhancedand Filming in IMAX programs that involved state-of-the-art methodologies implemented. Additionally, IMAX even has acquired an artificial intelligence company in order to deliver the highest possible content to TVs and home theaters. Going forward, IMAX said it will provide enhanced audio and visual technology to streamers, including immersive IMAX signature sound by DTS. However, the company promised that its bread and butter would remain theatrical releases.

IMAX switches to AI to deliver better streaming images
IMAX switches to AI to deliver better streaming images

According to the new job requirements on IMAX’s career page, it looks like the company plans to focus on R&D of its cloud infrastructure and methodologies. IMAX is looking for a Senior Cloud Developer (AWS) position who will collaborate with the IMAX R&D team to develop and implement image processing pipelines and workflows for image processing applications cloud-based, including film post-production. IMAX states that this role is to develop solutions following an agile methodology that has a direct impact on the projection, quality and success of IMAX films, and to achieve the highest image processing objectives. Additionally, IMAX is also looking for cloud architects to plan, design, build, and maintain cloud environments primarily in AWS.

Cinematographic broadcast with IMAX certified cameras.  Image: The NAB Show
Cinematographic broadcast with IMAX certified cameras. Image: The NAB Show

We wrote about Adobe Announcement of 8K RAW Cloud-Based Workflow, which means the ability to upload 8K RAW directly to the cloud a second after shooting, from RED V-Raptor models, and without any external accessories. Well, that doesn’t mean IMAX cameras will do the same, because there are film cameras, and that film has to be digitized first. However, when the scanning process is complete, the intermediates can be uploaded directly to the cloud, and for that 12K-16K footage, you need a super robust cloud infrastructure. Also, there are other cameras that are “IMAX digital cameras” that can use technology similar to that offered by Adobe and do the same. Either way, our two cents are that IMAX is investing its R&D in technology to bolster its post-production pipeline and workflow and using cloud-based apps to deliver those huge footage efficiently.


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