Illusion Reality Studioz aims to revolutionize the post-production space in India: Nitin Dadoo



MUMBAI: Contiloe Pictures has proven to be a pioneer in the industry since its inception two decades ago. And now, the fully integrated, premium entertainment content production company has announced that its VFX division will be renamed Illusion Reality Studioz.

With the aim of becoming the one stop destination for all visual effects needs, the internal vertical will only focus on visual effects, animation, previz / techviz, on-set camera tracking, lidar scanning, between others, and will continue the merger ethics of Contiloe. storytelling and art with science. The vertical will be led by Illusion Reality Studioz (a Contiloe Pictures group company), the CFO of Contiloe Pictures Nitin Dadoo.

“For three years, we have been evaluating the importance and the extension plan. In addition to internal content, we started taking external projects – from Hollywood, OTT or regional shows. During this time, we realized that the complexity and number of projects was increasing and this was the best time to start a new vertical that will respond to both visual effects and animation, ”explained Dadoo, adding that the rebranding has been postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the Covid2019 pandemic.

At present, the studio has more than 200 employees who work in its facilities in Mumbai and Bhubaneshwar. The team is divided into two divisions, one focused solely on internal projects and the other on external projects. The creative team is led by Nicholas Camecho, with Creative Directors Deepak SV and Indraneel Roy. Nicholas boasts over 35 years of experience in the visual effects and animation industry, including his stints with studios like Disney and Warner Bros. He has also held the title of Creative Supervisor, Director and Producer in several CG development projects in London. Deepak is used to visual effects and animation, and deals with foreign and Indian clients. A national film award winning creative director with a proven track record in the entertainment industry, he has worked successfully with Pixion, Maya Entertainment and Accel media. Roy’s expertise lies in cinema and visual effects. With 25 years of diverse experience, he has worked closely with directors, producers, production houses, cinematographers and studios as VFX Director / VFX Supervisor to materialize their varied visions. Nishikant is the CGI and VFX supervisor. Production manager Bharat Mistry has been associated with Contiloe Pictures for over a decade now.

In the aftermath of the virus epidemic and the resumption of filming, it was found that several production houses were venturing into virtual production to minimize the budget and avoid filming outdoors. The Illusion Reality Studioz team aims to take virtual production to the next level, as it will be a key pillar of the VFX installation. Under this technology, there will be functions like the unreal motion generator which will be used to create photo images. Within the camera, the team can show what the directors are emphasizing. With this technology, directors, creators and cinematographers can be part of the visualization process before it hits the editing table.

Citing an example, Dadoo mentioned that for their next premium series, they are virtually creating assets and locations in the script to make it easier for the director to understand the cast needed for the show and other important details. He shared that this process will save time on post-production.

Virtual production will allow them to create real and hyper real photo assets within the existing system. With camera tracking on set, lidar scanning (used to scan the set), it would be easier to create a real-time environment and this will also allow final images to be created without going into post-production.

“In India, we spend 15-20% of our time in pre-production, 40% in filming and 35-40% in post-production. But in the western world, things are more organized. They spend 40 percent of their time in pre-production and then filming and post-production, they only spend 20 percent. India is still learning, with our studio we are also trying to enter this space where we plan a lot in advance and save money and time, ”Dadoo explained.

It plans to become the first VFX studio in the country to use these tools and change the landscape of the post-production process.

In addition to working on ongoing projects like Vighnaharta Ganesha, State of Siege 26:11, the studio is busy developing an original series – Akshardham, filming will begin in May. On external projects, the team recently completed work on MX Player’s eight-part web series, Ram Yug. The series is directed and produced by Kunal Kohli. The studio will also begin work on a 26-part animated series for The Jim Henson Company.

Dadoo said he was flexible to work on both co-production and commissioned projects. Acquiring and syndicating content is also on the cards, saying it is working on syndicating content from Thailand and the Sri Lankan market. However, the focus will be on creating content to which the studio can retain the rights.



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