How do I plant grass seeds and how long does it take to grow?


The humble grass seed can grow anywhere, with over 10,000 varieties in the grass family.

Grass is an important part of many gardens and is easy to grow due to its natural resilience.


A real lawn can provide oxygen to your familyCredit: Alamy

How to plant grass seeds?

Preparation is essential for planting grass seed, be sure to remove all weeds and moss from the area you wish to plant.

If you have poor quality soil, you may want to invest in some topsoil before sowing the seeds.

Level the ground and make sure it has good drainage before planting.

Grass grows well from mid-March to September in the UK, but check the weather to avoid sudden frosts.

The technique for planting your seeds may vary depending on whether it is a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn.

If you are trying to fill in an area that is already grassy, ​​be sure to remove all dead plants and rake the area.

Make sure the soil is loose and scatter the seeds about 5mm to 10mm deep.

Rake the area again and firm the ground on foot.

If you are sowing a new lawn, the process is similar but sow the seeds to a depth of 20cm.

Also scatter the seeds at a higher rate than on an existing patch – using around 50g per square metre.

How long do plant seeds take to grow?

It can take up to six weeks for the grass to grow fully.

Watch for even lawn coverage before mowing.

Do not cut the grass until it has reached at least 5 cm of growth.

The seeds should germinate in 7-10 days and continue to grow at a rate of about 2cm per week.

How often should I water grass seed

Deep water every day for six weeks will help healthy grass grow.

If it rains, let nature water the seeds.

Grass seeds like to be moist but not soaked, a sprinkler system is a good way to regulate this.

A fine spray is best to avoid puddles.


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