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In the worlds of film and television, audio post-production is an essential part of the post-production process. While post-production refers to everything that happens after production is complete, audio post-production specifically refers to the audio editing work that ensures the sound of a video project is in pristine condition. Hiring a trained audio post-production expert is the best way to ensure your project’s audio is up to snuff – and when you use Voices, we can match you with a trained professional who can do just that.

When watching a movie, you may have noticed that a movie can get away with a few blurry frames or uneven camera work, as long as the sound is still easy to understand. However, if the sound of a movie weakens, it can make an entire scene virtually impossible to watch. The overall importance of sound to audiovisual storytelling cannot be overstated. With Voices, you can access a vast talent pool of expert audio post-production experts who know all the facets of audio post-production needed to bring your story to life.

Audio post-production is generally anything done with the sound of a movie, TV show, or commercial after filming is complete. Part of this work involves synchronizing sound with moving images, sound design, sound effects, dialogue cleanup and automated dialogue replacement (otherwise known as ADR) and audio restoration. Audio post-production experts typically work closely with a film’s editor, music director, and composer to ensure that a film’s soundtrack forms a unified whole.

There are a number of different roles that fall within the realm of audio post-production. These roles include overseeing the sound editor, recording mixer, sound designer, sound effects editor, dialogue editor, sound artist, and ADR mixer. The audio post-production expert you hire on Voices will have a good knowledge of the tasks that each of these roles fulfills and the ability to perform those tasks on your project.

The various stages of the audio post-production process include (but are not limited to) production dialogue editing, automated dialogue replacement, sound recording, music editing, and mixing. The production dialogue editing process involves editing and cleaning up all dialogue recorded on set, which typically includes a mix of camera audio, boom mic audio, and wireless microphone recording. When reviewing images and the audio that has been captured with them, it is common to identify a number of times when dialogue needs to be replaced, whether due to unwanted noise from traffic, wind or other background noise interfering with the actors’ dialogue. To compensate for lines lost during production, actors are brought back into the studio (physically or virtually) to re-record their lines in sync with the footage being filmed of them.

Another major component of audio post-production is foley recording. Foley recording involves a sound effects expert, commonly known as the Foley artist, who uses props and other recording techniques to recreate sounds in a scene that were not picked up by the camera . For example, a sound artist will work on a sound scene with a variety of textures and objects to recreate the sound of footsteps, the crashing and crashing of a fight scene, the rustling of clothes or the creaking of doors. .

Music editing is another instrumental piece of the audio post-production puzzle. A music editor ensures that the score that has been composed for a film is correctly synchronized with the image of the film. The final stage of a film’s audio post-production process is the mixing process, which is when the production dialogue, ADR, musical score, and sound effects are all brought together as final audio track of the film. Your audio post-production expert will have the ability to prepare your audio mix for the final audio format in which it will be distributed.

Are you ready to work with a trained professional who can fine-tune the sound of your project? Browse our lineup of featured audio post-production talent to find the right audio post-production expert to merge all your moving parts and oversee the sound of your creative project through to completion.


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