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From left to right: Obed Pujols and Yanice Deynes.

Granja Avícola Pujols, based in the city of San Sebastián and dedicated to the production of eggs marketed under the Del País brand, announced the launch of Eco Natural, the first organic fertilizer made from locally produced chicken manure to be sold exclusively at Walmart stores across the island.

Yanice Deynes, president of Granja Avícola Pujols, which produces around 30,000 eggs a day, explained that the fertilizer made from chicken manure “is made using a 100% organic and ecological process, with the highest quality standards. through an aerated compost pile which is then sieved for perfection, so that it provides nutrients to the soil, improving its chemical, physical and biological characteristics for all types of crops.

“We are very grateful to Walmart for allowing us to reach consumers through their stores. These kinds of initiatives were meant to help the Puerto Rican company demonstrate Walmart’s commitment to continue investing in businesses here, ”Deynes said, adding that Eco Natural is available exclusively at chain stores in packaging. of seven and 25 pounds.

Deynes, who together with her husband, Obed Pujols, founded the company in 2009, said that, among other benefits, Eco Natural fertilizer “is free from chemicals, heavy metals and pathogenic microorganisms, it gives back vitality to plants, improves the soil and ensures the consumption of healthier foods. In addition, it is enriched with calcium, to promote the growth and development of the roots and contribute to the rigidity of the plants.

The idea of ​​producing this new fertilizer was born in 2013 as the solution to use the approximately 8,000 pounds of chicken manure that are generated daily on the farm, since in addition to saving the operating costs associated with its disposal in an industrial landfill site, the activity could branch out to produce compost from this waste, which in other countries around the world is classified as perfect compost if properly processed.

After three years of research and process standardization, the company was ready to introduce Eco Natural to the market in 2017, when Hurricane María caused the loss of all accumulated material, postponing the launch until this year.

The executive acknowledged the assistance of the Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture, the United States Department of Agriculture and its umbrella agencies – Farm Service Agency, Rural Development and National Resources Conservation Services – and Puerto Rico Small Business Technology and Development Center “for guiding and supporting us. in this process which ends today with the launch of Eco Natural.

“Likewise, we would like to thank Joaquín Chong, PhD., For collaborating in the investigation and standardization of the processes, and the Municipality of San Sebastián, since we serve as a receiving farm for the timber from trees, which we chop for the composting process, ”she added.

Granja Avícola Pujols plans to export Eco Natural organic fertilizer in the coming months.

This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


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