Fundraising by Kristina Cohen: Earthwalkers Post-Production


We are raising funds for our film to allow us to get through the next phase of post-production!

What is it about?

A recent sex trafficking survivor has turned into a vigilante for a mission with a former FBI agent, where she explores her agency and how she chooses to rewrite her narrative.

Ty begins his rigorous diet with the reluctant but supportive James. She plans to raid an apartment where they traffic in underage girls and she’s not ready. She oscillates between the very real danger of injuring the perpetrators with her gun and being killed in the process or sticking to her beliefs to continue the mission. She ultimately follows her intuition.

Here is our trailer:

A contribution to fuel the completion and launch of the next phase of this project would be so helpful if you feel inclined. This will help support our mission as I continue to prepare the script for the feature film.

All donations received will help pay for film festival registrations, marketing materials, musical composition for the trailer and short film, sound mixing, editing and room rental for screenings.

Please note that all contributions will go to my business account and there will be ongoing expenses, so additional funds will be greatly appreciated as we move forward with the feature…I will provide ongoing updates. Thank you very much for your consideration.

In addition, if you wish to benefit from a tax deduction thanks to our Tax Sponsorship with

SIMA STUDIOS (recommended for donations over $500), you can click the link below —


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