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On September 28, 2021, the Innovation Prize will be presented at the GreenTech trade fair at RAI in Amsterdam. It is one of the main horticultural fairs in the world. Biota Nutri is a Dutch company that develops and produces liquid organic fertilizers for growers around the world. They compete for the price with the Biota calculator.

Peter Klein, Founder and CTO of Biota Nutri: “I am proud that the calculator was developed by our own scientists and technical crop advisers. With agronomists and producers. We are ready to contribute to a better environment without the hassle of fertilization schedules. “

“This calculator is the first in the world that can calculate with all available water soluble fertilizers, regardless of brand or manufacturer. It gives growers more freedom in how they set their fertilizer schedule, and they don’t are therefore more dependent on a standard package from the supplier. “

Helping producers around the world improve the environment
Growers often use a standard calculation method to determine how much fertilizer they apply to their crops and plants. The production of fertilizers (mainly nitrate) consumes a lot of natural gas and causes, among other things, CO2 and NOx emissions. If you can replace that with plant-based fertilizers and non-fossil raw materials, you could avoid a lot of environmental pollution.

Help producers switch to organic fertilizers
Previously, calculators could only be created using a supplier’s calculation program, resulting in calculations only for their brand of fertilizer. Biota Nutri facilitates the switch to organic fertilizers thanks to its calculating method.

The Biota Calculator creates independent results that are not brand specific and can be used for all plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers grown with irrigation systems, vertical crops and hydroponics systems.

Competitive fertilizers can also be used
The calculation method itself is not unique. Each crop advisor has one, but only the Biota Nutri calculation tool is applicable to all brands of fertilizer. The uniqueness is that you can calculate a fertilizer recipe with mineral and organic fertilizers. By means of a simple slide, you can mix the desired percentage of organic fertilizers. This makes it easier for producers to contribute to a better environment and healthy food production.

The Biota Calculator allows you to create recipes from a long list of fertilizers from different brands. Growers can enter their personalized growing tips or select standard tips and decide for themselves which fertilizers they want to include in their recipe.

The calculator is available in English, Dutch and soon also in Spanish and is available free of charge for users of Biota Nutri. Others can also take out a subscription from 21 euros per month.

Origin of Biota Nutri
In 2017, entrepreneur and fertilizer specialist Peter Klein started developing 100% organic fertilizers from waste streams from agriculture and horticulture. This not only drastically reduces CO2 emissions, but also promotes soil health, while yields can be equal to those produced with mineral fertilizers. Biota Nutri wants to stimulate the sustainable cultivation of vegetables and other crops with the production of these fertilizers. The company supplies its products to the largest organic lettuce producer in the United States, Rebel Green.

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