Enzymit Inc. Successfully Closes $5 Million Funding Round to Transform the Global Chemicals Market


Biochemistry pioneers plan to further develop the platform and expand its product portfolio

NESS ZIONA, ISRAEL, April 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Enzymit Inc., a syn-bio production platform company, today announced the closing of a $5 million funding round. The round was led by First Star Ventures in Boston, alongside returning pre-seed investor Sapir Venture Partners and other high-profile angels and family offices from Israel and the United States. Enzymit plans to accelerate the development of its computational design platform and expand its product portfolio with the new investment.

Enzymit’s platform is based on enzyme manufacturing. Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions in all living organisms. The company uses its computational design platform to design “new in nature” enzymes for bioproduction. These engineered enzymes can replace almost all of the inefficient, unsustainable and polluting chemical reactions used in modern industry.
production methods. Additionally, enzymes are capable of making complex molecules and materials that are impossible to make otherwise.

In light of the promises of the bio-revolution, the current biomanufacturing industry is valued at US$100 billion a year, but this is still only a fraction of the global chemical industry of US$4 trillion. , which it aims to replace.

A major challenge facing bioproduction is the lack of enzymes and organisms suitable for production. Even when the appropriate enzymes exist, cellular manufacturing (fermentation) is beset with problems of toxicity, production of side products, suboptimal enzyme ratios, and variable optimum temperatures, making the development of new production organisms incredibly difficult. difficult.

Enzymit’s platform technology is designed to solve both of these problems. Enzymit develops computational design tools that generate “new in nature” enzymes that can not only catalyze new reactions, but also outperform existing enzymes. These enzymes are then used in a “cell-free” process, eliminating all problems associated with cell manufacturing and reducing production costs and development times.

Enzymit is developing a new enzymatic process capable of converting carbon from the air into new biopolymers cheaper than ever before and plans to challenge some of the biggest players with its innovative platform and products. With this new investment, the company is well positioned to rise to the challenge and make a significant impact in this important market.

“While it is undisputed that the future of humanity lies in biomanufacturing, if we hope to maintain our standard of living in the face of increasing global pressures and population growth, nature has not provided us with all the enzymes that humanity needs. This is the bottleneck that Enzymit aims to solve,” said CEO and co-founder Dr. Gideon Lapidoth.

For more information, visit enzymit.com.


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