ENplus® publishes new documentation after finalizing the revision process


ENplus® Releases New Documentation After Finalizing Review Process | Bioenergy Insight Magazine

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After a few years of extensive consultation, the European Pellet Council has concluded the revision of the ENplus® certification system and published the new documentation. ENplus® is the wood pellet quality certification system that certifies the entire supply chain, from the first stages of production to the delivery process.
The new requirements for certified and candidate companies come into effect on January 1, 2023.
As part of ENplus®’s efforts to adapt to the ever-changing pellet market and its needs, this third revision of the global wood pellet certification has taken into account feedback from a wide range of stakeholders. .
In addition to the editorial board, an advisory board including representatives from governance and certification bodies, certified companies and end-user organizations played a crucial role and ensured a fair process.
In addition, two public consultations were organized to allow each player in the pellet market to comment on the new documentation and contribute to the development of the requirements and procedures of the scheme.
A better organized and more detailed structure of the ENplus® documentation has been introduced. The ENplus® standards now list and explain the requirements for the main players in the system (certified companies and conformity assessment bodies), the ENplus® procedure documents define the procedures for developing and governing the system, while guidance documents will define information/interpretations on specific topics.
Some of the key changes offer new solutions for certified companies. For example, a single company with several production or trading sites or a group of legal entities (production or trading activities) managed by a central office can now benefit from the option of a single certificate as multi-site company.
The revised documentation introduces even stricter control of the quality of certified products. In addition to the initial annual on-site surveillance and re-certification inspections, an annual unannounced collection of pellet samples and tests has been introduced for certified producers, as well as for traders and service providers with activities bagging. Certified companies must also adhere to a new set of chain-of-custody requirements ensuring that only certified pellets make it to market as such.
All companies seeking certification after January 1, 2023 must comply with the new requirements. Companies certified before January 1, 2023 will benefit from a one-year transition period and must comply with the new requirements by January 1, 2024.
ENplus® is the world’s leading quality certification system for wood pellets that certifies the entire supply chain, from the first stages of production to the delivery process. In more than a decade of existence, the ENplus® program has become a widely recognized brand trusted by professionals and consumers worldwide. In September 2022, there were more than 1220 ENplus® certified companies in 48 countries.


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